Aidan O Driscoll,
Web Designer

My interest in Web Design goes back to 2000 when I then setup NETACTIVE SOLUTIONS LTD as a vehicle to develop websites .. back then with good old HTML. Those days are gone, we now use CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ( CMS ) like WORDPRESS, the most popular CMS and also the main one used for Writers Websites.

After your website is built WordPress allows you, the site owner, to edit with ease & it is also a great platform for future expansion.

Creativity has always been part of my life with a very keen interest in photography, graphics and 3D design & music. 

Your Website is Your Voice Online

A website serves as the cornerstone of a writers online presence. It is a centralized platform where visitors can learn about the writers books, upcoming events & keep in touch with the author.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, X,  Instagram, LinkedIn, and others provide avenues for direct interaction with your readers. These platforms are used for sharing content, engaging with followers, and building a community who share your passion for reading and writing.

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